June 22, 2009

...and the winner's are...

Congratulations to Sarah Hardaker UK, FoundVintageStyle, and Little Hen Designs!

I will be in touch with each of you in the coming days to have this all set up and ready to go live for July 1st!

For everyone else that entered, THANK YOU! I will be adding everyone to my blogroll (for those of you that have a blog) and if you have a separate website or shop as well, I will add you to my list favorite sites as well, as they are all fantastic!

There were so many entries, and so many great shops out there, it was so difficult to choose!


sarah said...

hey thank you so much! I hsve been away and only just checked my mail, thats great news!! Enjoy your maternity leave now while you can!!!
sarah x

Little Hen Designs said...

Thanks again so much! I'm so excited! Wishing you a wonderful maternity leave!