July 21, 2011

stinkin' hot

Last night after my WeightWatchers meeting, I was walking home, and it was so hot out I was literally slipping in my flip flops. Yes, my friends. Even the soles of my feet were sweating.

Today is suppossed to be worse. Great. Just freakin great. This means that once again the kid will want nothing but popsicles for dinner.


Maybe she's on to something.

That doesn't sound so bad. I wouldn't have to turn on the oven. It's bath night so I could just wash off the sticky mess she's just destined to make of herself.

Maybe i'll even make some homemade ones. That way I can control the sugar. And the other crap that goes in there.


double rainbow popsicles, recipe here

homemade rainbow popsicles, recipe here

Or maybe some homemade sorbet? With tons of fruit. YUUMMMYYYY.

raspberry sorbet, recipe here

What do you do to cool off in this crazy heat? Stay indoors? Hang out in your kid's play pool?

I'd love to hear what you all have to say!


Chantal {luxxury livving} said...

Welcome Back!
BYW Friend Chantal

Krista said...

the popsicles look refreshing! We used to make homemade popsicles (though not this pretty) when we were kids - I think it sounds like a great summer activity!

Decor Addict said...

yes, my 2 year old is in love with popsicles.....so I keep trying new ones, hopefully on the more sugarless side so she's not bouncing off the walls all day!

making them pretty makes them that much more enjoyable i think

Samantha said...

I wish we could say that we have had some crazy heat, but all we have is crazy rain....the summer is a big wet blanket of rain this year!
that last photo looks yummy..

Christine said...

Those popsicles makes me one to go out and get one. They look so delicious. Over here in NYC we have record high temps. What I like to do to stay cool is to go my local bookstore to enjoy books and mags.

Anonymous said...

Love the recipe for sorbet .. have made mango sorbet and pistachio ice cream .. so yummy! I love how we are able to buy more local fruits and veggies .. I wonder why we can't get Canadian cherries though???

Decor Addict said...

Actually, we had Canadian cherries on the weekend! We grabbed them from the farmers market. So yummy!