July 13, 2011


A few weeks ago my hubby and I had the pleasure of attending the Beady Eye show at Sound Academy here in Toronto. It was EPIC. Just EPIC.

For those of you that are not familiar with Beady Eye, it’s basically Oasis, sans Noel Gallagher, who quit Oasis about 2 years ago. His brother Liam and the rest of the band decided to stick around, and rename themselves Beady Eye.

I think it’s the best decision both brothers ever made. Noel is working on his solo career and is coming out with not one but two albums in the next year, and Beady Eye’s debut Different Gear Still Speeding is freakin’ fantastic. Not to mention, absolutely fantastic live.

This was the very first time I had seem Sir Liam in the flesh in concert, and seeing him in a small venue like Sound Academy was amazing, and let me tell you I never want to go to an arena or stadium show ever again. I’ll stick with the small venue’s thank you very much.

Beady Eye just announced a few more dates in the states for the fall, unfortunately they won’t be coming back to Toronto, but they will be playing New York City. We’re seriously considering of making the trip to see them, most especially since one again they are playing a small venue, Terminal 5.

Of course hotels in NY are crazy expensive, and something that I really don’t want to spend money on, so I’ve started to search out some alternate options, and I remember hearing about Airbnb. No idea from where, but the concept is brilliant.
Airbnb connects people who have space to spare with those looking for a place to stay – FOR CHEAP! Guest can build connections with their hosts online, gain access to distinctive alternate accommodations in some of the most amazing cities in the world, including NYC. I can’t believe some of the places that I’m finding in Manhattan for the weekend of the Beady Eye show.

These people truly have a knack for decorating. CHECK-IT-OUT below……

Apartment #1 - Brooklyn, NY

Apartment #2 - Brooklyn NY

Are these apartments so divine? I think I may just have to give one of these a try if we end up going to Beady Eye. Hmmm.

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mrsverdantgreen said...

Hi Trina, this is Mrs. Verdant Green from BYW class. That's cool you have a post about Beady Eye and that you saw them! I even pinned a photo that I found of Liam Gallagher from that show on my Pinterest.