May 25, 2010

new digs?

The reality of a house for us has become a maybe. A big maybe mind you, but it's a maybe. Of course this now has me back scouring decor blogs looking for inspiration, which is a good thing as I haven't been here much lately. My awesome hubby reminded me of this as well last night.

A fixer upper is always an option, but i'm spoiled. I've had a brand new kitchen in the past 2 places we've lived so i'm not sure I could go back to icky particleboard cabinets with handles in the middle.

But, then I saw this redo over at Fine Little Day and i'm in LOVE.

all images from Fine Little Day

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RJ @ A Life Designed said...

That is such a sweet kitchen! And I totally know how you feel! Our house is 30+ years old with an original, still functioning kitchen... which means it's las ton the reno list. Thank goodness for shelf paper is all I can say!