November 18, 2009

Upsidedive, a family affair

I have total respect for those that can work with family members. Upsidedive, a shop in my city of Toronto, is owned and run by 4 siblings. You heard me right. FOUR. I don't think I could honestly work with one. Not that I don't love my family, but you know what I mean.

I love what their "about me" states:

"Four siblings with various interests have combined their efforts as purveyors of previously loved goods. We believe in celebrating items throughout their life cycle, and highlighting the personalities of each item. We don’t think you need to sacrifice global consciousness at the expense of consumerism. We'd like to redefine consumerism. To do this, means that each of us bring our own input, and we ask for your input as well. Let’s look at connecting as a global community."

Such a great message, redefining consumerism. Makes you think twice about buying yet another Billy bookcase, eh?

Visit Upsidedive online, at their blog, or during your next visit to Toronto.

all images from Upsidedive

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stencil helen said...

That looks like a great place. I have a creative business and work with my Mum, husband and cousin, three of us share the same home too!