November 17, 2009

Tinsel vs. the Pink Elephant

I'll admit it, the Holiday season approaching has me in a new frame of mind this year. It's been so long since my family has had small children around over the holidays, this year is about to change thanks to the arrival of Adelaide.

No, I'm not going to go nuts with presents, after all, she'll barely be 6 months old during the holidays, and won't remember it; however, I do plan to decorate a little bit more that usual, and our 3 1/2 foot tree may be tossed and a 5-6 footer purchased.

I'm not one for the metallic ball look, or tinsel, I much prefer handmade ornaments. I have quite a large collection of ornaments over at my mom's house, which I just may have to pick through a little bit to bring home with me to start our own tree.

A very close family friend (Hi Connie!) gave me my very first Christmas ornament when I was only 4 months old, and yes, I still have it. Would you believe it's a pink elephant? Made out of Styrofoam, and pepto bismol pink paint. It's almost destroyed, but I don't care. It still goes on my mom's tree, year after year, in the most prominent spot. Smack in the middle, front and centre.

Christmas decorations should mean something, or tell a story, don't you think? As we have virtually NO decorations for our tree this year, I'm starting to shop around for some unique tree decorations. Here is a small collection of some I've already found online. I also hope to pick some up at the One of A Kind Craft show coming up in a few weeks, it's going to be a madhouse!

1. Beaver Ornament, $4.50, from Dancing Gnome
2. tiny felt stockings, set of 3, $18.50, from RikRak
3. modern christmas stocking, $18, from Prudence Octavia
4. Otis the Owl ornament, $10, from JennyJen

5. lace leaf ornament, set of 3, $40, from Megan Auman
6. felt star ornament, $16, from Erratic Needle
7. aqua blue plush ornament, $15, from My Paper Crane
8. Andy the red fox ornament, $10, from Red Marionette

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Patricia Torres said...

I'll have to foward this on to my friends.. No. 5 for me - under the tree please..