November 6, 2009

MjoLK {opening December 2009}

I'm so excited for this shop to open in my city. MjoLK, pure Scandinavian Design. So exciting.

image by KITKA

This shop is being opened by my fellow design bloggers over at KITKA Design Toronto.


John said...

Thanks for the promotion!

You should hold out on the Leons leahter sofa until to come and see what we have!

Decor Addict said...

i may just do that! i cant wait to see your shop!!

Anonymous said...

Did you guys like not even bother to google the name mjolk before you named your business??! There is a world reknown fashion design brand with that name. They have a store in meatpackers NY. Dah!

Juli said...

mjolk means milk. Just because one company uses the word doesn't mean another can't. They don't own the word, we're not selling the same product and we're not anticipating being a global company. Really not a big deal.