September 22, 2009

Style At Home {makeover contest 2009}

I really should have posted about this a few weeks ago, but thanks to my having very painful kidney stone attacks last week, I'm so behind! I'm so sorry everyone!

For all of DecorAddict's reader's in Canada, you have only 2 days left to submit your spaces to the Style at Home Makeover contest for 2009!

You can find all the details here. Thank you so much to Natalie over at Style at Home for reminding me about this! Did you know that Natalie has a blog over at Style at Home as well? It's one of my new addictions! You can visit her blog, Favorite Things over at Style at Home by clicking here.

Everyone MUST submit their home makeover projects, you will not believe the prizes, there are 2 $2000 Home Depot gift cards to be won! WOW!

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