September 23, 2009

RedLetter & Rosanna

I was celebrity stalking in Yorkville the other day during TIFF, and stumbled upon an awesome gift ware store, RedLetter. In fact I picked up my own Keep Calm and Carry On poster (finally!).

images by DecorAddict

You can visit Red Letter in Toronto to pick up your own Keep Calm poster (in red only), or you can visit Sfgirybybay to pick up one in numerous colours by clicking here.

One of the gift/housewares lines that is carried at RedLetter is Rosanna. There are some absolutely beautiful collections in this line, here are some of my favorites below.

all images from Rosanna Inc.

Now, I don't think RedLetter carries all of Rosanna's lines at the Toronto Yorkville store, if not, you can always contact Rosanna directly to find out where you can get your hands on their other products.

On a totally unrelated note, it's a really gloomy day here where I live. We've had close to 3 weeks of beautiful weather, but the last 3 have just been totally gloomy, not to mention really humid and sticky. NOT my idea of a nice day. I think today I'm going to venture out this afternoon to run a few errands, and pick up some things for dinner since my mother in law is getting her Addy fix today.

Happy HUMP day! :-)


modernemotive said...

Ooh thanks for sharing this store! Looks great and I'm right by Yorkville (kinda).

Btw, you can also get the Keep Calm and Carry On posters in Kensington Market. They sell both 8.5 x 11 and huge 13x19 (I got a pink one for $20) ones.

I forget the name of the store though. Gah. It's big though and stocks all kinds of wares (upstairs and down).

ceci said...

AMAZING! Thanks for sharing! :)

ceci said...

AMAZING! Thanks for sharing! :)