August 17, 2009

The Townhouse {from Poppytalk}

The creator's of one of my favorite Canadian blogs out there, Poppytalk, have just started a new blog entitled The Townhouse to chronicle the adventures of their recent purchase of a 1970's townhouse in Vancouver, BC. I'm a huge reno geek, so I can hardly wait to see what they do to the place!

One day I will take that step and buy that fixer upper in which I can instill all of my design dreams and desire's! Someone give me a kick in the a## or some cash please! :-)

Happy Monday everyone!

all images from The Townhouse


nicolette said...

Of course, lots of work still needs to be done, but you can already start seeing it coming together. Keep up the good work.


jan said...

Thanks Trina - it should be a fun adventure - and thanks for giving me the word "Chronicle" - I've changed my "about" to "Chronicling the adventures" - sounds much better than what I originally had.

: )