August 24, 2009


I'll admit it, I'm not supermom. Shame on me for thinking I could be. Eesh.

Last week was THE HARDEST WEEK OF MY sleep, and a cranky baby. Not just me, BOTH my husband and I. Thank goodness Mom came to the rescue and offered to take her for a night so we could catch up and get some much needed REM sleep which neither of us have had since Addy arrived 8 weeks ago. Can you believe it? Eight weeks already!

Now that I've realized I can't do it all, and have implemented some serious time management skills, as well as weekly visits to both Grandmother's, I'll have a little bit more time to spend with you all! Yay!

Happy Monday everyone!


parallel-botany said...

Aw, that little angel keeps you up? She looks like she barely makes a peep!

I'm glad you have a chance to catch up on sleep and other duties. And yay, more blogging!

Rita vindedzis said...

She's just adorable!!! Lucky you, I don't think I slept the first year with mine.

Vitania said...

ohhhh - she is too cute - They look harmless, and yet a couple of bad nights and everything is out of whack.

Remember, 12 lbs = 8hrs. So feed feed feed...:-)