July 13, 2009

Catching Up

This little sweet thing has been keeping me busy the past 2 weeks since her arrival. Yes, sure I'm biased, but she is the best baby ever, the only thing that upsets her is her hunger, mind you I have never seen a newborn eat so much! We're all still getting to know one another, but let me tell you when she looks up at me from the crook of my arm, all I can think is "we made this?". A true miracle.

My posts will still be totally sporadic over the next few weeks as we try to get Addy on a schedule. Sleep is getting better for all, now that we've figured out swaddling is our friend.

As Addy is taking an extending nap this morning, I've been surfing through my reader trying to get caught up, would you believe I had over 1000 unread items? Not that I've had the time to go through all of them, but I did manage to carve out a chunk.

A few things have caught my eye this morning, which I'll post about today/this week, I hope you'll all stick around to see!

Happy Monday Everyone!

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