May 26, 2009

Obsessing over Chronicle Books

My new favorite site of the month is most definitely Chronicle Books. LOVE their selections, and the products, really can't ask for anything more. I'm bookmarking these for my quarterly book binge!

Wallpaper Projects , By Derek Fagerstrom and Lauren Smith
...because you know me....I'm starting to really enjoy Wallpaper, but not on walls! This looks like a great book for alternate uses.

To Each His Home, By Bilyana Dimitrova
...practicing the best way to decorate your home - as an extension of YOU!

Stitchable Stationary, By Jenny Hart

The Printmaking Bible, By Ann d'Arcy Hughes and Hebe Vernon-Morris

The Pillow Book, By Shannon Okey

Appliqué Your Way, by Kayte Terry

all image from Chronicle Books


Patricia Torres said...

Oh.. thanks.. these are a must read or rather.. buy and refer to when required.. Lovely!! thanks!

greavesdesign said...

these all look 'yummy'.

thanks for sharing!

Vasudha.dilip said...

WOW lovely books.... seems like having every one of these...

MaddyLane Designs said...

Fabulous work, creations and post, always an enjoyable visit ;)

parallel-botany said...

Chronicle has some fabu books, for sure. I really like the look of "To Each His Home." YUM!

alia.e said...

great selection... a book binge sounds like so much fun!