May 22, 2009

Fab Weekend & Thomas Paul

Did everyone have a good weekend? I sure did. It was spent as I always love to spend it, with good friends, and lots of laughter.

Friday evening was especially entertaining as I observed my darling husband and a few friends build the crib for our bambino to be. I will say, it went MUCH smoother than I thought it would. The wine, beer and Chinese food surely made all the difference!

Saturday afternoon/evening was spent barbecuing with one of my oldest friends from elementary school and her much fun, and I truly enjoying spending time with them. It's amazing how much we still have in common with each other after all these years.

I also had to share with everyone this fab online shop that I bookmarked quite a while ago, but only really had a chance to browse over the weekend. Have you heard of Thomas Paul before? This lucky duckling was born and raised in NYC, starting out as a fashion intern at DKNY. He eventually created his own neck wear collection in the late 90's, leading ultimately to his pillow collection in 2001. You can read his full bio here.

melemine plates


He also has an absolutely beautiful stationary collection:

All of Thomas Paul's products, and more can be found at various online shops. Look them all up here!

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