May 4, 2009

Lighting Up The Bedroom!

Gotcha with the title of this post? Tee-hee!

I don't know about other condo dwellers out there, but I have a serious problem in our condo.


Or, lack of it I should say. The only ceiling lights in our condo are in the bathrooms, kitchen, dining, and foyer. The living room, and both bedrooms are pitch black! Who does this? I don't get it. Apparently, in new condo and new home builds, I've heard that ceiling fixtures in these rooms are optional? Is this true? It's a bit silly, don't you think?

The only, and I mean ONLY benefit to this problem, is I get to go shopping, once again, for more cool stuff, not only for the master bedroom, but for the babies room as well.

I've been perusing the online world for some ideas, and have found some amazing pieces. Have a look below, tell me what you think!

I've started my search with Ikea (1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, & 8), & Urban Outfitters (5 & 10), 2 of my favorite shops, this is what I'm thinking. Although I'll probably change my mind 42 times before I actually purchase something. Now, keep in mind that all these selections I'm thinking of for either the babies room, or for our room. I think the floor lamp would be more suitable for the babies room, don't you think? Hmmm. Table lamps for the master? Hmmm.


parallel-botany said...

You don't have ceiling lights in your bedrooms? I've never heard of such a thing. Although, we don't have a ceiling light in our living room, which is strange. There used to be one, but the hole is plastered over for some reason...

The bedroom's a great place to have good mood lighting, as opposed to overhead lighting, which isn't very flattering anyway. My boyfriend has a sculptural blue glass Ikea table lamp on his side of the bed, which gives a soft light. I have a bright halogen desk lamp on my side because it's good for reading in bed.

I think in your case, a couple of nice bright table lamps near the bed might do the trick. You might also need additional lighting near the closet and dressers, if that's an issue.

sam said...

I think lighting is one of the hardest parts of decorating! It's hard enough finding affordable lights that you like, let alone finding the right light for the right room, the right task etc etc etc... The only bit of advice I can offer is for the baby's room - something with a dimmer and that you can reach from where you will be laying down or sitting with your little one! Good luck!

PS. Visiting via BYW!

Averill said...

If you go with the floor lamp for the baby's room, be sure to have it anchored to the ground (velcro, etc.). As soon as your little one starts crawling/walking, it'll be just begging to knock over.

fresh365 said...

#3 is alot of fun. I also like #9 for a nightstand. I agree that one of the floor lamps would work best in the baby's room...until they start walking and might knock it over!

TorontoLighting said...

I couldn't agree more with the previous comments. Please start thinking about lighting only when they finish the last thing in the house.But lighting is as important as anything else!