December 9, 2008

Trend Tuesday: buy local, buy handmade

In keeping with my mantra this season of buying local, handmade gifts from independent retailers this holiday season, I thought I'd share with everyone the best places to do so, both online, and in your local town and city.

The best online handmade retailer by far is of course Etsy, just do to the pure fact that they offer the most variety, and the most sellers. A neat trick to Etsy is yes of course we all know it's handmade, but you can limit your search to your own local area, to ensure your goods are coming from your own town, province, or country.

(screenshot from Etsy)

Good Egg Industries is similar to Etsy, but all Canadian, and priced in Canadian dollars.

(screenshot from GoodEgg)

If you're not keen to shop online, there is sure to be a craft fair in your town or city. In Toronto, the first place I check to source any local art or craft fair is Toronto Craft Alert. Their calender will keep you in the loop for all local happenings in the GTA.

One of my favorite Canadian cities has a HUGE handmade/craft movement. The Vancouver Craft Mafia is the place to reference to all local events in Vancouver it's surrounding areas.

Poppytalk, the Canadian blog based in Vancouver B.C. is THE place to visit, search, and find anything, and everything handmade, local, and vintage. From craft fairs in Kelowna, BC, to online shopping. Although not limited to Canadian content, they love Canadian design just as much as the rest of us. Definitely worth a peek for this season. See their top reasons for buying handmade here!

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