December 8, 2008

Slacking Economic Concentration {ho, ho, ho}

I admit it, I haven't been as attentive to DecorAddict over the past month or so. Not that I haven't wanted to, other obligations and commitments have had to come first, not to mention I think it's a stressful time for everyone right now considering the economic crisis affecting Canada, and the rest of the world, which makes me writing about decor trends a little bit superficial. Christmas is right around the corner, I know that I , as well as most of you are consumed with various events, and shopping for all your loved ones.

Have any of you cut back on gifts this year? I don't know about everyone else, but I can honestly say there isn't any one thing that I need or want for Christmas this year. Well, maybe some new slippers, but that's about it really :-)

Our family has decided to keep Christmas about the kids this year, which saves us from buying gifts for 30 adults that already have everything they want. Christmas should be about the kids, don't you think? Even my husband and I are forgoing gifts this year, especially since we are in the process of moving and buying new things for our new apartment. That can be our Christmas gifts to each other.

With the slowing economy this year, I think that if/when we are buying gifts for the kids in our family or for friends, we are going to try to go the handmade route, and if not, we'll be buying local from independent retailers, and will try to avoid the big-box stores. After all, how many Hanna Montana t-shirts can one kid own?

Here are some fantastic gift idea's taking the handmade/buy local aspect into consideration, I hope you all will do the same, as it's the little guy that's going to suffer this holiday season, and we all must support them!

all by lu prints (via GoodEgg Industries)

all by handmadenbc, (via etsy)

all by Country Lanes (via Etsy)

from top left, Primrose Lime Pillow Cover - 12X18 Inches, $14.50; Branching Out Pillow Cover -12X18 Inches, $14.50; Branching Out Pillow Cover 12X18 Inches, $14.50; Retro Marimekko Black Floral Pillow Cover - 16X16 Inches

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