December 2, 2008

I'm Back!!! NEW Surface Collective

I'm officially back from Colorado! What a great state in the grand US of A!!! Although the altitude unexpectedly bothered me, overall it was a great trip! Fresh air, beautiful rocky mountains, not to mention fabulous shopping! I have a few pictures I'll share with you later in the week.

I spent most of yesterday going through a gazillion emails, making this weeks to-do list, not to mention catching up on laundry, I'm so sorry for the wait everybody! While I was gone, a whole whack load of new exciting things filled up my inbox, the most exciting for me being Surface Collective, remember I talked about them here a few months ago? Well they've just released some new wall decal designs, and they are better than ever! Kudos to my fellow Canadians!

clockwise from top left, sunlight is gold, weekend in Miami, undermine, & incognito

Surface Collective has also reduced their prices on their most popular designs, they've introduced 4 new designers, and will be releasing laptop skins! Yay Surface Collective!

clockwise from top left, damask, flo, lost lenore, & bamboo

Has anyone tried out these wall decals? I'm seriously considering some for our new apartment that we're moving into next month. Wow. We're only a month away from our move already. Here are a few that I'm considering for our combined living/dining room.

top - bye bye blackbird, bottom - woodcut

What do you think?

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