September 8, 2008

Trend Tuesday: new places to place your derriere

I'm posting Trend Tuesday tonight (monday), as I won't be available most of the day tomorrow. Enjoy !

Here's a collection of super sleek, fresh, funky, absolutely COOL chair's that I've gathered up for everyone on my personal favorite day of the week, Trend Tuesday!!! Woo Hoo !!!!!!!!!

Ok, I'll tone it down a bit, well I can't really, as these new designs from Ikea Canada, Crate and Barrel's CB2, and Canada's own Structube show as just YUMMY!!!!

It seems as if everyone is hoping on the mid-century modern bandwagon, and why not, it's classic modern design, and these 3 retailer's offer great design for super inexpensive prices (I won't use the word cheap here) .

I think Ikea pulls it off best, don't you?

all products above from CB2

all products above from Structube

all products above from Ikea Canada

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