September 8, 2008

Discussion: keeping up with the joneses

Decision's decision's decision's..... living in the burb's with the rest of the joneses, and big box store after big box store, or in the city, full of culture, historical homes, and energy. Hmmmmm.

I think alot of new couple's/families ponder this decision. Society pressure's lead most out to the burb's, but a strong few stay behind, and stick it out in the one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world.

I, on the other hand am torn. Our lease is up this winter, so the thought is crossing my mind again. House in the burbs, or a condo in the city?

Today, we're checking out some new homes in the burb's, definitely more bang for your buck, but everything is so new, it's almost creepy. Is it possible to have culture in the middle of nowhere? We'll see.

I thought I'd keep everyone updated on our little house/condo hunting process, I enjoy it, so I thought you all would as well.

Where do you live? In the city, or in the suburb's? How did you come to that decision? Maybe all of you can help my husband and I with our decision, let's get a discussion going here.


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