September 2, 2008

UPDATED: .....please stand by......

Please excuse the mess on DecorAddict today, i'm playing around with some formatting today, so what you are reading/viewing may look a bit wonky from time to time.

All should be properly aligned and spaced by this evening!


UPDATE: New logo !!! New logo !!! New Logo !!! What does everyone think ??? I kinda like it. And I'm quite impressed with myself actually.


Passion for Rugs @atticmag said...

I like it. It's funky/hip and makes a statement. I definitely noticed it right off.

The apron post was a trip down memory lane! My grandmother always wore an apron and I wear one for major coking tasks. A friend went to a wedding shower and all the guests received a vintage apron of their choice. The host had the aprons hanging from a clothesline. Clever! --Jane

Decor Addict said...

Thanks Jane! :-)

joanne said...

Love the apron post from Jane. Thanks Trina for featuring one of my aprons on your blog. It's also nice to see you reference etsy. I love etsy. It's fun and a great way for artisans to gently get their feet wet in the retail world. And it is extremely efficient.
I'm enjoying your blog. You sound just like me! I love houses,too!
All the best,

Decor Addict said...

Thanks Joanne! :-)