September 16, 2011

You light up my the bedroom! {guest post}

I was contacted last week by Susi @ Arcadian Lighting about doing a guest post here at DecorAddict.  I was hesitant at first, but when I checked out their website, I was in love with so many pieces, and I couldn't say no.  

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 Today’s guest post is from Susi, a writer for Arcadian Lighting. Founded in 2002, Arcadian Lighting started selling decorative home lighting fixtures and lamps online, and has become one of the top Internet retailers for home lighting products. Visit their website and cool blog for more information. We're thinking about décor inspiration for bedroom lighting. The standard lighting in most bedrooms in newer homes is a single ceiling fixture. This is a great place to start, and swap out for something with more style. But most bedrooms need a mixture of table top, ceiling and/or wall lights to really come to life. We've pulled together a list of our favorite lighting solutions for the bedroom to inspire your bedroom décor.
Bedroom Design
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A pair of table lamps atop bedside tables is the classic solution for bedroom lighting. Consider the height of the lamps when choosing them. Taller lamps will give off a larger circle of light.

Bedroom Decor
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 A combination of overhead and bedside lamps gives a well rounded light to a bedroom. The overhead light can be on a dimmer for more lighting options.

Bedroom Decor
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Pendant lights hung alongside the headboard provide light without taking up valuable space on the nightstand. Perfect for a small bedroom.

Bedroom Decor
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Wall sconces are also space saving lights for a bedroom. Look for a light that coordinates with your current style. Some wall sconces do not need to be hardwired but most do need to be installed by a professional electrician.

Bedroom Decor
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Mix up styles in the bedroom with lighting. Adding a modern clip light to an antique French style headboard gives the room an eclectic feeling.

Bedroom Decor
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Industrial inspired adjustable desk lamps can make stylish bedside lighting. Great for reading in bed while the other one sleeps.

Bedroom Decor
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A swing arm lamp provides both ambient and reading light. Look for swing arm wall lamps with long cords that plug into an outlet to avoid the expense of an electrician.

Bedroom Decor
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This bedroom demonstrates the various types of lighting and lighting zones that can be created. There is ambient light, reading light, task lighting and spot lighting for artwork. Of course, not every bedroom needs all of these types of light fixtures to be well lit.

If you're looking for more lighting fixture ideas for your whole home, check out Arcadian Lighting's brilliant selection today!


Thanks so much Susi for these helpful hints!  I hope to take them to heart as well!


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Thank you so much for letting us guest post on your wonderful blog!