July 15, 2011

paris perfect

Paris.  Ahhhhhhhh Paris.   The cafe's.  The wine.  The food.  The MEN.

Ahhhhhh Paris.

No, I have never been fortunate enough to visit this romantic city.   But one day I will.  Until then I can daydream of the aparment that I will stay in, not the hotel that I will stay in.  You see, a visit to Paris would not be a true visit staying in a hotel.  One MUST stay in a traditional Paris Apartment.

I regularly stalk apartment rentals in Paris on in the surrounding area, bookmarking them as I find them just in case one day I find myself actually going there.

all images from Paris Perfect


Flor Larios Art said...

Love paris too! Gorgeous place! Beautiful post and photos!

Shannon said...

I wish we had paid up for a paris perfect apt last time we went....we were too cheap and our accommodations ended up being 'dowdy'