October 19, 2010

yellow. gray. white.

I've started building an inspiration folder for our new bedroom in our new place with it's newly painted white walls. At least I hope they're white. Let's pray they're not cream. Or beige. They looked white when we looked at the place. But you know how it is once you get in there. It's not white enough.

Any-who. Here's a sample of some of the things I've been collecting over the past few weeks. Yup, you guessed it, it looks like yellow gray and white are the official color scheme.

1. duvet set, Bliss Living Home
2. window panels, Anthropologie
3. blankets, Toast UK
4. throw pillows, Dwell Studio, Toast UK
5. night stand, CB2
6. carpet tiles, FLOR

I'm not 100% sure about the nightstand. I have an old antique stool that I picked up for $5 at an antique fair about 10 years ago that would hold my blackberry, which is really all I need next to me at night for the moment. Thankfully, the stool was already painted gray when I bought it, but it looks about a bazillion years old. I love this stool, and I curse my hubby every time he wants to throw it out. No, you can't sit on the thing, but it's still gorgeous.

I've fallen in love with this embroidered piece by White Nest as well, I think this would be perfect above my ancient gray stool.

What's your thoughts on this color scheme I've chosen? This is different for me, as I usually stay away from yellow in every aspect of the word, but I'm really looking for something a bit edgy, but warm at the same time. I think the gray will cut the intensity, and make hubby happy at the same time.

If you had the opportunity to redo your bedroom, what color scheme would you choose?

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Pati said...

I Love this! I just painted my guest room a pale gray and am also thinking about yellow. Love the Dwell throw pillow and your Bliss bedding you have picked out. Keep us posted on the results....