September 24, 2010

my yorkville

I live in the city that hosts TIFF, the Toronto International Film Festival. Every year, the center of the city (Yorkville), is FULL of paparazzi, movie stars, and tourists.

I, was one of those tourists last week.

I happened to be downtown with hubby, the squirt was at daycare, and we had some time to kill, so we thought we'd lurk around Yorkville for a bit to see if we ran into Colin Firth at Starbucks, or Bruce Springsteen at the PharmaPlus.

No, we didn't see anyone famous, but I got to visit Anthropologie. Yay! I finally scored a monogram mug, and this journal for myself, along with this super cute initial that i've put on the squirt's door.

We also walked around some of the back streets of the neighborhood, something I haven't done in years; I forgot about the beautiful understated homes in the area. Nothing like what you would think would be there, unless you looked at their price tag of course.

Yorkville just has this vibe lately; there's not so much snootyness as there once was. I will have to visit more often I think.

all photos by me

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