September 15, 2010


So, it's official.

We have to be out of our condo by January 15th.

This. Just. Sucks.

The landlady couldn't have waiting one more year to sell. Noooooo. So now we have a huge decision to make. Do we rent for 1-2 more years and then buy a house? Or do we suck it up and buy a fixer upper condo NOW, then sell in 2-3 years, and then buy a house?

Hmmmm. Decisions...decisions...decisions.

We could rent another condo, but then we run the risk of it being sold again. We could rent in a rental building to avoid this issue, but then chances are there will be no dishwasher or washer/dryer in the unit (doesn't exist in the neighborhood). Did I mention we need to be within walking distance of hubby's work due to his crazy hours? Yeah, there are soooo many factor's to consider and it's stressing me out!!!


Any suggestions or advise would be greatly appreciated. Now i'll just go dunk my head in the sand and scrrreeeeaaammmmm


Eleni said...

Mm, things sound a bit complicated but I'm sure you'll get the right decision!It's just the first days that everything seem so difficult, things will calm down in due time and decision making will seem easier!
Wish you the best and a new brilliant beginning!

ginger said...

That is a tough call - but I think the real question is condo or house? My hub and I decided to skip the condo route and aimed high for a house, we waited two years to land what we wanted and in the end had the resources/time/background info we needed to make a really well-informed decision that we felt good about. I've only been a home owner for eleven months - I have to tell you that sometimes I really miss my old rental (and what I really miss was how much cheaper it was in every way, including utilities).

Buying real estate is a huge commitment - do your research, get pre-approved (find out what a bank is really willing to lend you) and get yourself a good agent. None of this will cost you anything and it will really open your eyes up.

I was looking for years without any help, I really regret that. Agents make a lot of money of helping buyers, make it worth your while and really put them to work.

Oi. Rant and a half - I guess I'm in the 'Take your time, do it right, get what you want when you do buy' category.

PS. you know, when I decided to rent another place and continue working towards buying a house that I wanted, I used that time to buy the furniture/lighting/accessories that I wanted in my house-of-the-future - when I did finally get it, we had all the knobs/handles/most of the lights/etc that we needed to really make it a beautiful space right away

PPSS HST really hit our wallets this summer - brutal on the reno front!

PPPSSSSS Good luck!