September 16, 2010

Apartment Quest - Episode #2,568,988

So, in the span of one day, we're decided to buy a condo.

Changed our mind's, and decided to rent an apartment in a high rise.

Changed our mind;s, AGAIN, and decided to rent a townhouse.

Changed our mind's, AGAIN AGAIN, and am back to looking into condo's to LEASE.

I know. Go ahead. Shoot me in the finger. That way I can't surf the real estate listings anymore.

Just to give you guys a peak as to what is available in my city, here is a sample floor plan of 99% of the apartments (in high-rises) here in the big smoke.

I swear this floor plan has NOTHING special about it. All of the apartments in this town are so cookie cutter. PLEASE SOMEBODY CREATE SOMETHING WITH SOME CHARACTER! MAYBE A CROOKED WALL?

Ok, i'm done for the day. Nighty night everybody.


Anonymous said...

My Apartment on Rathburn has a crooked wall.



Anonymous said...

I totally get it, I think that's the problem with most condos/apartments. The crooked wall is exactly why I bought the one I did!