May 29, 2010


Art, a la moleskine.

from ceciliamurgel (flickr)

from dorietto (flickr)

from jeremypettis (flickr)

from conjure_real (flickr)

from framboisineberry (flickr)

Do you have a moleskine? What do you use yours for?

I think I need a moleskine.


emma said...

yes, but mine doesn't look like this! love your new header, so cheery and spring like.

Lee said...

I use their small weekly calendar with vertical columns and have a one the same size with blank pages. I use it to jot down information i come across during the day when i'm out - an author I hear on the radio (do jotting at the stop lights), a product name or website I read about in a magazine in a waiting room, etc. These are practical for me, but the ones you show are beautiful. Such talent!

design traveller said...

I wish my moleskine look like that...

Pangaea said...

Didn't even know what they were - now I do! Love these works of art.

Anonymous said...

After seeing this post I think I need one too. Lovely!