April 1, 2010

Mayan Living

I've traveled to Mexico countless times in my lifetime. Yes, I do consider myself super lucky, and even more lucky to the fact that I'll be back there in a few weeks time for a little vacation.

I've also secretly dreamed of moving to Mexico one day. Maybe opening a little cafe by the ocean, or a beach bar, or maybe a little home decor shop.

A few days ago while Addy was having an afternoon nap, I happened to catch an episode of House Hunters International. They were featuring a couple looking at homes in Merida, Mexico. Let me tell you I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY by what I saw, not to mention unbelievable prices.

Of course I had to do some dreaming of my own, so I started searching Mexican real estate sites. Here are a couple examples of what I found, and what you can have for less than the cost of a 1-bedroom condo in Toronto.

House #1 - This charming colonial is already sold, but was listed at ONLY 185K USD !!!!!

House #2 - This was one of the homes featured on the show, can you believe this is under 200K USD???

House #3 - They just keep getting better and better. This one is listed at 249K USD. STILL a steal, considering a house like this here in Toronto would be IN THE MILLIONS!!!

See what I mean? The prices make it seem almost possible. Hmmm.....I could always blog from Merida, right?

Happy Easter everyone, have a fantastic weekend...we'll see everyone next week!

all images from Mayan Living Real Estate

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LifeBegins@Thirty said...

OMG I SAW that episode and immediately got on the computer to look at the houses for sale there. I was in SHOCK.

I also envied the whole "wanting to move for a better lifestyle" thing. Ah. That would be awesome! For that price you could live off MUCH less money!