December 4, 2009

Day 4 .....

Most, if not all of my blogging friends would absolutely love this book, Blogging for Bliss by Tara Frey of the blog Typing Out Loud.

This book is full of beautiful examples of many creative blogs out there, and is not only full of ideas to inspire you, but provides some great insight into the world of blogging, and why it has become such a huge medium for people all over the world.

Most bloggers spend at least an hour, if not several hours in front of their computers each day, at all times of the day, and sometimes weird hours of the night. The one thing that is always with me when I'm blogging? My favorite mug. It's full of coffee in the mornings, green tea in the afternoon's, and sleepy time tea before I go to bed. Everyone, especially bloggers, need a favorite mug.

tree trunk mug, Anthropologie

rainy monday mug, Anthropologie

can't stand the heat mug, by Keep Calm Gallery

hot cocoa mug, by White Forest Pottery

As a blogger, a new pack of sticky notes would be great too. :-)

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