October 8, 2009

.....catching up

I have a free morning to myself today, and I must say that it's a daunting idea of "what should I do"? When my daughter is home, there is never a question of what to do, there is always something to do. Time to myself is a pure luxury these days.

I've decided that in the few short hours I have to myself, I'm going to catch up on my reading, and NO not Google Reader reading, but REAL LIVE BOOKS AND MAGAZINES! Would you believe I haven't even cracked that past 2 issued of Real Simple? Pathetic!

I'm also hoping to have a few new posts for you all today as well. I'm so excited to have the day to spend with you all!

Once my husband is home later this afternoon, we are attacking our daughter's room. It's a total disaster, and believe it or not, we never finished decorating it. Today is the first step to getting her room in shape!

I hope you are all having a great day too!


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