October 14, 2009

AphroChic, Andrew Tanner, and Lifestyle Bazaar

I was catching up on my reader reading this morning, and noticed these amazing wall plates featured on the AphroChic blog from Andrew Tanner.

image from Lifestyle Bazaar

If you are new to the AphroChic blog, which is not new to me, you will be so pleasantly happy with your new discovery! Not your typical style blog, everything has a bit of an edge to it, which makes the tag line of Modern.Soulful.Style so fitting and so true. Definitely worth a daily read!

Now back to Andrew Tanner. Also available from his collection on LB are various other super creative home accessories. I am especially loving this wall hook.....

image from Lifestyle Bazaar

and these beautiful vases inspired by vintage wallpapers.....

image from Lifestyle Bazaar

Lifestyle Bazaar has so many unique collections besides Andrew Tanner's. This desk tidy would look fab on any creative's desk, don't you think? Or, this felt rug by Michelle Mason, or this plate from Atelier LZC.

images from Lifestyle Bazaar

Gets the purse shaking, doesn't it?

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