September 21, 2009

Future Kitchen Thoughts

Every family has a goal of one day buying a house, don't they? We're starting to poke around, looking for a deal, as you never know when that perfect house will pop out of no where.

.....a fixer-upper would be ok with us.....

We're looking for a house with good bones, one that will not only fit the 3 of us, but with room for extended family as well. That's the tricky part, thankfully, we're not in any rush.

What I'm most looking forward to in buying a house, is that it will have to be a house with a big kitchen. I'm not one willing to tear down walls or anything, however I do want a kitchen that needs to be gutted and redone, so that I can put our personal touch on it.

I've started to collect photos of some kitchen's that I like in my inspiration folder. Here are some of my favorites so far.

Have you noticed that I'm going for a very European look? I really like the look of having open shelving, or no shelving at all above the counter. What do you think of this look?

I also have a tendency to love all white kitchens. I'm not sure why, I probably associate white with clean....which is what every kitchen should be like.

unknown source

What types of kitchens are you most drawn too? Do you like the traditional upper and lower cabinets? Or are you too loving the openness that no uppers provide?


Nicole R.J. said...

I'm a half and half girl. I love being able to show off some of my treasures, but I also can't stand to look at a lot of clutter {even the organized} kind. So give me some of each please {love the ones second from the bottom!}

Nicolette said...

I think kitchen should be light and clean, and have showcased some of such designs at Furniture and Design Ideas. But that's different from being empty. The design from sunset is probably what I would consider just right.