September 29, 2009


One of the hazards of being so busy these days, is that the house is a mess. Hence, our daughter is being watched by her grandmother today so we can try to at least attempt to get our home in order! It's amazing how much stuff you accumulate, isn't it?

Since we moved into our current home, our bedroom has become a bit of a catch-all of all stuff that doesn't really have a home. Therefore it's an absolute disaster and not to mention absolutely embarrassing! There is STUFF everywhere! Not to mention a few boxes we haven't unpacked yet. Scary considering we moved in 8 months ago!

I love the awesome grey in our room, and I even went out and bought a new duvet cover yesterday to better complement it. On my search for new bedding, I remember an Australian company that I had bookmarked. Enter Castle.

all images from Castle

Founded in 2008 by Rachel Castle beginning with a small line of bed linen's for friend's and family, it soon became her full time job. I love the fact that all the fabrics at Castle are predominately handcrafted or hand printed.

all images from Castle

The gorgeous embroidery and art prints that are offered and created by Rachel herself, as well as her mom! That is so sweet!

I'd like to start a discussion, I was wondering, is there a particular shop that you all tend to gravitate to for all your bed linens? Or do you like to mix and match? Are discount stores your thing? Where do you buy your premium linens?

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art4friends said...

it is a sign!!!

oh my, the doona and sheets from Castle have been on my wish list for about a year now.

Maybe today is the day I just give in a DO IT!!


I was thinking of just getting one sheet and doona and the "mixing" the rest (eg pillows and throws)