July 20, 2009

DIY Headboard

Little Adelaide is 22 days old today. No I haven't quite figured out an official schedule for her yet, she's just too unpredictable still...but I am going to try to get some posts up this week now that I've figured out how to squeeze in enough sleep for me! Yay! Happy Monday everyone!


I'm one of the predictable ones owning a Malm bed from Ikea, but it's DIY projects like these that make me want to saw off my headboard and create something like this.

all images from design*sponge and playing grown up

I'm sure there was oodles of elbow grease involved...but totally worth the hard work. Can I take the puppy home too?


Irene said...

i love those pillow cases! where are they from?

Melissa de la Fuente said...

That is just fantastic! I love, love it! And the pillows and the garland! And that PUPPY! oh my....thanks for this!

Modern Crush said...

THis is an amazing idea!! I love it!

Sushikay said...

I enjoy reading your blog! Love the headboard made out of a folding screen.
Thanks for sharing.