June 24, 2009

books by colour

Remember this post from last February? I was so inspired, that I did it myself in my own bookcase.

Well, our new camera helped me take this photo as well. We just picked up the Sanyo Xacti dual camcorder/digital camera....I love it! With the bambino arriving next week, you must have a camcorder!

our living room

I have NOWHERE near the number of books as shown in my original post, but just to give you an idea of the effect this can have, here it is again.

image by colour lovers

I can't get enough of this look. It just makes a bookcase look that must more organized, even mine, which holds everything from our stereo, to storage boxes, to candles, and small pieces of artwork and photography.


nicolette said...

The bookcase surrounding seems to have made the living room into a study room. Did you wrap the books into the different colors? Or did you sort them based on the different colors?


Decor Addict said...

I personally just sorted them based on the colour of the binding...I guess you could wrap them, but that seems like alot of work.

Amanda~Weekend Host said...

I love the last image with the rainbow of books.

Tanya said...

Oooh. I love the look of this color sorting method but could never imagine being able to find anything...

unless I did some kind of spreadsheet or map...

Hmmmm... Worth considering.