April 4, 2009

White or Colour? {Trine Thorsen}

As much as I’m a huge colour lover, I can’t help but to be continuously drawn to whites and neutrals. Yes, sure that’s a very safe choice, but it’s also a comforting one, don’t you think?

There’s something about an all white space that speaks of comfort. Almost like a day at the beach, with a cool breeze blowing in the window.

Not to say that color isn’t a part of my life, it is, but I can honestly say that sometimes I just can’t commit. I don’t trust myself that I’ll still love that shade of fuchsia in a year, which is probably why I lived in a all-white apartment for close to 4 years. Luckily, our current abode was already painted when we moved in, there isn’t a white wall in our new place, and I can’t believe the difference.

I’m sure you’re all asking yourself where these beautiful images are coming from shown above, they have all been taken by the fabulously talented Trine Thorsen, of Norway.

Trine completed a 3 year photography program at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco in 1994, but didn’t begin her full-time photography career until 9 years ago. These past 9 years have been very busy for Trine, her work has been published in numerous Norwegian and international interior, fashion and lifestyle magazines, not to mention several books.

What is it that you prefer? Neutrals and whites, or an all out colour splendour? Some days I just can’t decide.

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Mariss said...

I wish I could be one of those people who could live in an all white home. They look so neat and inviting. I am just too far involved in my affair with colour ;) It's nice to have some balance though--or see people who just go all out at either end of the spectrum.