March 25, 2009

Small Space Inspiration

My family is an apartment family. Both my husband and I grew up, and have always lived in an apartment, or a condo. Not that we're not the outdoorsy types, we totally are, but the idea of shovelling snow, and worrying about the water heater or the furnace busting just isn't our style. That's the huge plus of apartment or condo living, you pay your rent, or maintenance fee, and 99% of the time it's taken care of for you.

The challenge with living this way, is of course space. We don't have the 3000 square foot house with 5 bedrooms to put all our stuff, we have 1200 square feet, plus a storage locker at our current address. Trust me, it's bigger than you may think, and because our storage space is so limited, we tend to not to accumulate stuff as much, or as often. This is definitely a good thing!

Currently, our second bedroom has been a 'catch-all' of spaces since we moved in 2 months ago, BUT we need to get on that ASAP, as the little squirt is arriving in 3 months! I've concluded that at least 1/2 of what's in that room can be tossed, I haven't needed or really wanted anything in there in the past 2 months, and I'm not missing it, so why keep it, right? It feels so good to purge!

I'm continually looking online, and in shelter magazines for creative small spaces and ideas, there are so many out there!

Southern Living

This amazing workspace is created out of a 5x8 foot storage alcove. Brilliant.

Real Simple

Two or more crates stacked together look like a piece of furniture. These come is various sizes, perfect for a tiny bathroom or powder room.

Southern Living

A small closest has been converted into a powder room - petite fixtures do exist!

Better Homes & Gardens

Covering open bookshelves with curtains to create an instant storage space. It will look good anywhere in your space. Choose washable fabric that complements the decor of the room

Better Homes & Gardens

Everyone has an old ugly metal filing cabinet around, and yes it's necessary to have, most are unsightly. Cover them up with fabric, gaining a convenient sideboard in the process

Better Homes & Gardens

Choose armless seating for your sofa, and/or side chairs. This will open up the line of sight, and make any room feel larger, and open.


Patricia Torres said...

some of these images are really inspiring!! Thanks for sharing!!

parallel-botany said...

I love the tiny closet powder room. A lot of restaurant bathrooms in NY are tiny and have the teensiest sinks. I've always wanted one of those.