November 12, 2008

Unique Gift Idea's: Three Potato Four & The Curiosity Shoppe

I hate to say it, but Christmas is quickly approaching! I've already got my eye out there looking for gifts, both online and in stores.

I thought I'd share with everyone out there my favorite sites for that gift for the person that has everything during these few weeks up until the holiday season hits us all smack in the face. It's tough to find that special something for the people we love, hopefully this will help you all out!

Happy Shopping!!!


Three Potato Four is a shop born out of the love of collecting. Have a friend who is an avid photographer? Why not start them on a collection of vintage film canisters? Three Potato Four's collections are original, and sure NOT to be found anywhere else. Here are a few of my favorites.....

The Curiosity Shoppe I stumbled upon purely by accident via another design blog, I believe it was Poppytalk while searching for 2009 calenders. Yet another shop created out of the love of collecting and being around beautiful things, their wares are truly different. They have also just released a book entitles, Show Me How, which should be on every DIY's Christmas list this year.


Michelle said...

i love three potato four. I have yet to order anything but the items in the shop are so well photographed its fun to just peruse the shop from time to time.

Lynne said...

I agree, three potato four has a really lovely selection of products. I love that seltzer bottle. I just found your blog - it's lovely!