November 18, 2008

Trend Tuesday: Carpet Love

The new condo that we're moving into this Januray has laminate flooring throughout, including the bedrooms. Although this is great news for our alergies, this also presents us with the uncomfortable feeling of waking up in the morning to stepping on a chilly floor. Hence, the search for bedside area rugs has begun. My darling hubby isn't a rug fan thanks to his ahsma, so he may have to settle for slippers.

My favorites are below, notice a trend? Anyone? Anyone? :)

sheepskin rug, Ikea, $69

brattby cowhide rug, Ikea, $299 (in stores only)

tricolour cowhide rug, from Pure Rugs, from usd$1296 and up

sheepskin rug, West Elm, from $149

1 comment:

WH said...

Don't really fancy that tricolor cowhide rug but the last one, sheepskin rug by West Elm, looks nice. Perhaps because I like the black/white combination. But then again, choosing white for a rug may not be that great an idea after all. :)