November 17, 2008

Dreamy Comfy Bedroom Inspiration

I love sifting through online photo galleries of UK and European shelter magazines. Always eclectic, always different compared to their North American counterparts.

I'm browsing through bedrooms right now, looking for some inspiration for our new greige master bedroom, here are some of my favorites!


Terri said...

They are all stunning, restful rooms with personality, but not overdone. Love 'em all. I agree, the UK sites have great rooms - they often have an undone, disheveled, put-together-over-the-years quality.

Good luck with your room! Terri

Decor Addict said...

I totally agree! I love the lived in look, N. American shelter glossies have a habit of making everything look to perfect and MADE up, which is not how most of us live!

Vicky said...

So well decorated bedrooms.They are all absolutely stunning interior designs. Bedrooms are certainly inspirational! It's beautiful!glad your posting. Thanks.