October 6, 2008

Coe & Waito

Former classmates at the Ontario College of Art and Design here in Toronto, Alissa Coe and Carly Waito were brought together through a common love of beautiful, personal things and objects. They studied Industrial Design at the college, where they began to explore the processes of mold making and slip casting, leading them to a collaborative thesis project, ultimately resulting in Coe & Waito.

Their collection includes true functional works of art. Here is a small sampling for thier work below.

clockwise from top left, hand-pinched bowls, $14 ea and up; porcelain bottles, $68 ea; porcelain ink-blot inspired botanical cylinders, from $42 ea; porcelain owl lamp, $500

Absolutely STUNNING !!!

Coe & Waito's pieces can be purchases accross North America. Visit their site for more information on their products and where to buy them.

Coe & Waito

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