August 8, 2008

Modern Warmth perhaps? In search of a sofa.

My husband and I aren’t exactly small people. We are both tall, I’m 5’8”, and Paul is about 6’5”, and we’re not toothpicks either, so upon looking for a sofa, we’re finding a few challenges along the way. Size, material, colour, shape are all a factor to us. Don’t get me wrong, our current sofa is OK, simple, and easy to take care of as it has a removable slipcover you can just throw in the washing machine, but I think it’s time our sofa grew up. We don’t necessarily need the removable slipcover anymore, as we’re not 25 anymore needing to get those beer and pizza stain’s out of the seat cushion. We’ve matured, and I think it’s time our furniture did as well.

Our main challenge for the moment is space...we’re in a very tiny condo/loft, and our living room only fits a standard 70” sofa, any bigger, and it would just swallow the room. We are moving into a larger place in the new year however, so size is something we can work with once we find the right piece. I’d personally love a sectional, but space permitting, we may go with a loveseat-chaise combo.

I’ve never been one for leather sofas, however back to the topic of durability and clean-up, leather is definitely the way to go. If treated correctly, a leather sofa can last for years, hoping that the design is simple enough to sustain trend changes over the next 20 years. Leather does come in a gazillion colours as well, but a turquoise or red leather sofa isn’t very appealing to me. Leather is essentially an animal product, let’s try to keep the colour as natural as possible, shall we? Maybe even some leatherette? J

We’ve slowly been looking for sofa’s for ourselves for a month of two, and accidently found ourselves and my new favourite store, Structube. My first impression prior to entering the store was that it was going to be very quirky modern out there kind of stuff...but was pleasantly surprised by all of their products. Yes, their product line is modern, however there is a warmth to it as well, which is what I am personally drawn to as well. My husband was ready to head home to pack a bag and move into the store....definitely a good sign for me, since he is very hard to please concerning major furniture purchases.

I’ve narrowed it down to 3 selection’s at Structube, here they are...applause please. Kudo’s to Jeremy, Structube’s head buyer for providing me with picture’s of my favourites !!!

All sofa's shown below are from Structube....




(photos, Structube)

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