August 25, 2008

Trend Tuesday: Blackboard Paint

Blackboard paint has been around forever, but it's only recently that it's been gaining HUGE popularity in interior design. People are painting entire room's with the stuff, with absolutely beautiful results. It's not just sticking to walls either, but also inspiring designer's to create coaster's, pencil cases (see below) and so much more.

For those in Canada, there is TV program on HGTV Canada called The Style Dept. with the Design Editor of Wish Magazine; she painting an oversize armoire with blackboard paint and the results were absolutely stunning!!!!! I've been searching high and low for a photo, but can't find one anywhere online. If anyone has it, or knows where to find it let me know!!!

Pencil case and coaster's from Avril Loreti

Other's I've found on Flickr, in my favorites of course,

(originally uploaded by joe xmas)

(originally uploaded by luvs2sew)

(originally uploaded by theunquietlibrarian)

(from wish magazine)

(from domino magazine)

(from domino magazine)

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Anonymous said...

There are some really great ideas here (and another great selection of images, by you!)

Perfect for kitchen and home office spaces.

Thank you for sharing this! :)